The conspiracy - the world under demonic siege picture

The Conspiracy - The World Under Demonic Siege

R 300

Who are those controlling our world? Are the things we see, hear and relate to what they seems to be or someone is behind the scene controlling it all?

This is a  fiction novel, in which the author tries to paint the picture of a world under siege with humans as puppets of the unseen world through the operations of the secret societies. The plan to set up a one world government, religion and economy through the new world order.

When Pastor David was asked to officiate the wedding of two men with each other, little did he know that his turning it down will become the turning point of his life.

Pastor David, lost his church, had his house burnt and had his life marked for elimination.

God who never let His own down used the negative and ugly situation bring about a revival that did not only set Pastor David on the path of greatness but linked him with a multi-billionaire broadcaster that gave his outfit for use towards world evangelism.

This is not just another novel but truth capsuled in a novel.   

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